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Welcome to the 2014-2015 Ski Season!

We have a great lineup of trips planned. Full details are in the  August 2014 Newsletter .

Pig Roast at Dottie and John Binder’s

The Club celebrated the start of this year’s ski season with the now-annual pig roast at the home of Dottie and John Binder. Great food, companionship, and Dottie and John’s wonderful hospitality, albeit under a tent, overcame the burden of fierce thunderstorms and pouring rain, which ended (of course) just as the afternoon was breaking up. Pictures are here.

The following is by John Binder
Since the Pig Roast is our new Oktoberfest, it officially starts our ski-season or at least gets us thinking about it. Now I know that summer is over.

It is time for pool closings, fall cleanups and time to get ski equipment in shape.

This year the weather forecast for the Sept 6/14 “Pig Roast” day was 80% chance of showers. Dottie and I were very uneasy. Then Dottie suggested that we get a tent? No sooner said than done. All our uneasiness went away and I just knew it was not going to rain. I figured it’s just like taking out insurance.

The day started out beautiful and sunny. The forecast dropped down to 30% rain which meant no rain. Yeah right!

Five pm: Here it comes, heavy wind, thunder, lighting, and rain. Everyone was dry and happy. They enjoyed themselves except for the few unfortunate souls who sat on the edge of the tent where the wind blew in the rain. Beer, wine and food disappeared fast. People brought their favorite dishes, salads or deserts. Pete Brown bought and cooked the corn.

I want to thank Pete, “The Jakes” and the rest of the “Bushwakers” for helping me clean up and making the pig roast a success and “Leaving no beer behind.” And special thanks to barrister Steve Spudik for all his extra help.

Anyone that missed this year’s pig roast try harder next year when you are a year older.

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